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Polished Concrete Floors is a great long term solution cost wise as they are low maintenance. But they are exactly that, ‘Low Maintenance’ not ‘No Maintenance’.

To ensure that the floor remains well presented for years to come, it does require a weekly if not daily routine of maintenance. Use of a automatic scrubber is the vital first step in conjunction with the appropriate cleaning & conditioning solutions. The second step is to Burnish the floor with a High Speed Burnisher to keep scratches and wear down to a minimum, and to keep the glossy surface.

We have this equipment set up as a mobile unit for fast and easy access for doing regular jobs After Hours so it does not interfere with trading hours.

Floor Scrubbing Charters Towers

Automatic Floor Scrubber
Our variable Speed Cordless Scrubber in conjunction with a range of job specific cleaners & strippers, is a fast and efficient way to clean up that floor surface.

Burnisher polishing Charters Towers

Propane Burnisher
Our high Speed LPG Powered 'V' twin Burnisher makes light work of dressing up the floor for years of service life.

Charters Towers Commercial Cleaning - Polished Concrete polished concrete floor

Amazing results
Our regular maintenance program of cleaning, Conditioning and High Speed Burnishing speak for themselves.

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